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Cake Artist In Atlanta, GA

Meet Shupan

The Celebration Artist, and owner, Shupan Abraham, is a self-taught baker, but a learned cake designer.  The kitchen has always been her favorite place to be.  This is where she found a clown cake that she wanted badly for her little boy’s first birthday.  After reading the instructions in the magazine and putting her best foot forward, she created her very first cake.

Intrigued by her success, she decided to dive a little deeper into cake decorating. Her passion and desire to create edible works of art turned her newly found hobby into a full-fledged business. What keeps her going are the many smiles, pictures, and positive feedback that she receives from her clients on a weekly basis. With persistence, diligence, and hard work, success is inevitable one client at a time.

Shupan Abraham

Cakes By Shupan

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