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Custom Wedding Cakes In Atlanta, GA

Wedding Cakes

Your Special Day deserves a Special Cake and a Special Experience for a Special Couple. Special is what we do, especially for you. We know that your wedding cake plays such a vital role in the events of the day. This is why our attention to detail is second to none. We will listen to your ideas, view your pictures (if you have any) and spend as much time with you as possible to help make the cake of your dreams a reality. 

Uncertain of what you want? Don’t worry. Our consultative approach will help you find that special cake. We also work with brides who are concerned that their budget will not give them the cake of their dreams. We’re here to serve you.

The Consultation

We strongly recommend you schedule a consultation and bridal tasting at least 6 months prior to your wedding date. This is a joint effort between Cakes By Shupan and you in designing and selecting the cake of your choice. During the consultation, we will browse wedding cakes, discuss your ideas and vision, and do some cake tasting to sample our product. Please bring any pictures and color samples with you to your appointment. When you decide that Cakes By Shupan is the company of choice to provide your cake, a 50% deposit will be required at the signing of the contract.


The price of our wedding cakes starts at $7.00 per serving for buttercream icing and $9.00 for fondant. Please note that the time involved and the complexity of your wedding cake will ultimately determine the final cost of your cake.

Bridal Tasting Fee

The cost of bridal tasting is $60. This will cover the cost of your specially made 6” tasting cake. Should you choose Cakes By Shupan to make your wedding cake, the $60 will be credited towards the total cost of your wedding cake.

Groom's Cake

Traditionally, the groom’s cake is a chocolate cake with chocolate covered strawberries and sugar grapes. However, these days most grooms’ cake depicts a hobby and or interest of the groom. It can be anything from a sports theme to a tuxedo cake. During your wedding consultation, we will be more than happy to discuss some ideas with you for the groom.

  • How Many People Are Allowed With Me To My Wedding Consultation?
    You are allowed to bring up to 4 people to your wedding cake consultation. The number of people coming with you will be confirmed a few days prior to your consultation date.
  • How Big is Each Serving Size
    The standard serving size for wedding cakes is 1x2x4 (1 inch wide, 2 inches long, and 4 inches tall)
  • Am I Under Any Obligation To Use Cakes By Shupan After My Wedding Consultation?
    No you are not. We want you to be comfortable with your final decision. Please feel free to try other bakeries. This is your special day, so we want you to be certain. If you decide that Cakes By Shupan is your choice, just contact us at 404-593-8961 to sign your contract.
  • How Much Time Should I Allow For My Wedding Consultation?
    Please allow up to one and a half hours for your consultation. We want to allow plenty of time to handle every detail, answer any questions, and discuss all of your ideas so your cake is as special as the occasion.
  • What Flavor Will I Be Sampling?
    If you want a particular flavor, please let us know. We will do our best to accommodate you. However, if you don’t, we will have our most popular wedding cake flavor for you to try.

Make Your Event Special!

Let Us Prepare For Your Next Event!

Send your order inquiry and leave it all to Cakes By Shupan. We will take care of all your cakes and sweets needs. 

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