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Cakes By Shupan offers delicious cakes & sweets every day. Our baked goods are made with the highest quality ingredients and served with love. Explore our cake menu today.


Everyday Layer Cakes

Our homemade Everyday Layer Cakes are 2 round cakes all wrapped up in our delicious vanilla buttercream icing.

6” - $50 – serves up to 12

8” - $60 – serves up to 20

9” - $70 – serves up to 24

10” - $75 – serves up to 28

12” - $90 – serves up to 40

Everyday Layer Cake Flavors


Strawberry Deluxe–2 fluffy strawberry cakes with strawberry buttercream, topped with fresh cut strawberries.


Vanilla Cream Cheese –Super moist vanilla cake layers with cream cheese incorporated in the batter, vanilla buttercream icing, confetti sprinkles on top.  If you’re looking to please a crowd, you cannot go wrong with this signature cake.  Even people who claim not to eat cake have it and ask for more.  Add $3 for 6”, 8”, and 9”.  Add $6 for 10” and 12.”


Buttermilk Chocolate –Fudgy chocolate cake with a hint of coffee, iced with homemade rich chocolate frosting.


Golden Yellow – Old fashion yellow cake, vanilla buttercream icing all covered with sprinkles on the top and sides.


Lemon Supreme –Lemonylemon-flavored cake, lemon buttercream, embellished with lemon slices.


Marble –Golden Yellow cake with swirls of chocolate creating a one-of-a-kind design, vanilla buttercream icing in color of your choice.


White Chocolate – 2 round layers of our inviting white chocolate cake, homemade white chocolate buttercream frosting.


Premium Cake Flavors


8” x 3” - $75

9” x 2” - $75

9” x 3” - $80

9” x 13” (quarter sheet) - $75

Premium Cake Flavors


Keylime (9” 3 layers)

It’s sweet and tangy all at the same time with cream cheese frosting and embellished with fresh lime.


Red Velvet cheesecake cake (9” 3 layers)

2 layers of rich red velvet sandwich with a layer of cheesecake all wrapped up in our homemade cream cheese frosting.  It is to die for.


Hummingbird (9” 3 layers)

Banana-pineapple spice cake with walnuts, cream cheese frosting.  It is exceptionally moist and full of flavor.Walnutssprinkles on top.


Italian Cream (9” 3 layers)

Vanilla cake with coconut and pecan baked in, cream cheese frosting, toasted coconut on the side.


Banana Pudding – 9” 3 layers

Moist layers of banana cake layered withvanilla wafers, vanilla pudding, and fresh bananas.  Fluffy whipped cream frosting, more wafers to finish up.


Strawberry Crunch – 9” 3 layers

Two of our strawberry deluxe cakes sandwiched with a layer of vanilla cream cheese cake, rich and creamy vanilla buttercream icing filling, and covering, then finished with crunchy strawberry and vanilla wafers topping.


Vanilla Cream Cheese – 9”

Super moist vanilla cake layers with cream cheese incorporated in the batter, vanilla buttercream icing in color of choice, chocolate drip, high rosettes border, chocolate and cookies on top.


Buttermilk Chocolate – 9” or 10 cup Bundt

Moist texture rich buttermilk chocolate cake, chocolate ganache (drizzle if Bundt Cake), chocolate sprinkles on top.


Carrot – 9”

Luscious layers of carrot cake, cream cheese frosting, buttercream icing carrots on top.


Caramel – 9”

Soft and buttery layers of vanilla cakes filled and topped with caramel icing.


German Chocolate – 9”

Two layers of chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream frosting, filled and topped with coconut pecan.


Red Velvet – 9”

Traditional red velvet cakes, cream cheese frosting and filling, embellished with red velvet crumbs.


Watergate – 9”

White cake, pistachio pudding, pecans, and coconut, finished with whip frosting, more coconut and pecans.


Lemon Velvet/Lemon Curd Filling/Lemon Buttercream – 8” 3 layers

Soft and velvety textured lemon cake, lemon curd and whipped cream filling, finished with lemon buttercream frosting and thin layer of curd on top.


Yellow Cake/Cooked Chocolate Fudge – 9”x13” foil pan

Old fashion yellow cake, cooked chocolate fudge poured on top.


Custom cakes

All custom cakes are priced based on design.  Please submit 1-3 pictures, and as much information as possible of your design.  We will do our best to create a design as close as possible to the design submitted.


6” starts at $60 (serves up to 12)

8” starts at $100 (serves up to 20)

9” starts at $120 (serves up to 24)

10” starts at $140 (serves up to 28)

12” starts at $200 (serves up to 40)


Pound Cakes

Buttermilk – 12 cup Bundt - $55

Five Flavor – 12 cup Bundt - $55

Vanilla Sparkling Wine – 12 cup Bundt - $65

Never Fail – 12 cup Bundt - $55

Lemon Sour Cream and Vanilla – 12 cup Bundt - $60

Orange velvet – 12 cup Bundt - $65

Cranberry Orange with Cream Cheese Glaze – 12 cup Bundt -b $65

Cream Cheese – 10 cup Bundt - $50


Alcohol Infused

Rum – Medium - $50

Rum – Large - $65

Baileys Chocolate Poke Cake – 9”x13” or 10” - $80

Almond Amaretto – 12 Bundt - $65

Strawberry Margarita Cake – 9” 3 layers - $65

Tipsy Turtle Bundt – 10 cup Bundt - $65

Peach Cobbler Pound Cake with Crown Royal – 10” Bundt - 65


Breakfast Cakes – 10 cup Bundt - $55

Honey Bun

Gram’s Best Brown Sugar

Glorious Morning Breakfast

Apple Cake with Brown Sugar Butter Glaze

Banana Chocolate Chip

Moist Sour Cream Coffee

Kathy’s Cinnamon Breakfast

Lemon Blueberry Swirl

Maple Cinnamon Coffee Crumb – 9”x13”


Make Your Event Special!

Let Us Prepare For Your Next Event!

Send your order inquiry and leave it all to Cakes By Shupan. We will take care of all your cakes and sweets needs. 

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