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Kids Theme Birthday Party

Start Planning Your Next Theme Birthday Party

Who doesn’t want a theme party for their kid? Considering a theme party for any occasion is a simple way to focus your imagination in one direction as opposed to being all over the place. Further more, this gives your guests something to look forward to and not to mention, it is so much fun. Once the theme is decided on, the rest is easy. You can now build your party around it with your invitations, decoration, food, fun activities, costume, and party favors.

Some things to consider when planning a theme party:

Take into consideration the child whose birthday you’re celebrating

Know what he/she is interested in - sports, unicorn, the outdoors, space, cars, music, adventure, camping, carnival, you get my drift

The venue

Age group

Age-appropriate food items

Age-appropriate games


10 Kids birthday party theme ideas to explore




Cotton candy

Gum balls


Cup cake




Theme party resources

There are many companies that sell theme party packages. My go to vendors are:

There you’ll be able to find matching decorations, tableware, favors, party supplies and more. Let us know via “contact us” what you would like to know about kids birthday party.

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